Selected Publications: 2010-2021

The following is a selection of my publications, from about 2010 to the present. The selection is primarily focused on how Marxism functions as the guide for constructing socialism – concerning which we now have more than a century of experience and scientific evidence. Where copyright permits, each item has a link with further information and – often – where a pdf download may be found.


Current project: Socialism in Power: On the History and Theory of Socialist Governance. In some respects, this monograph may be seen as the third volume of a trilogy that includes the next two books listed here. You may download a synopsis of the book here, which functions as a guide for research and will be replaced in due course.


2021. Socialism with Chinese Characteristics: A Guide for Foreigners. Singapore: Springer. Further information here and here. A detailed synopsis of each chapter of the book may be downloaded here.

2021. Friedrich Engels and the Foundations of Socialist Governance. Springer Briefs in Philosophy. Singapore: Springer. Information on the book may be found here. A detailed synopsis of each chapter of the book may be downloaded here.

In relation to the Engels’s book, I have also attached a text (here) that was originally an appendix relating to the chapter on the abolition or dying away of the state. The text attached is a detailed analysis of the terminology used by Engels and Marx in the 1840s in relation to the state, finding that they did not advocate such an abolition.

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2017  Stalin: From Theology to the Philosophy of Socialism in Power. Beijing: Springer (262 pp.). Publisher’s details here, and further information here.

Book Chapters

2021 ‘Friedrich Engels (1820-1895)’. Handbook of Marxism and Post-Marxism. Eds. Alex Callinicos, Stathis Kouvelakis, and Lucia Pradella. London: Routledge, pp. 41-48. More information here.

2020 ‘Lenin and Non-Antagonistic Contradictions’. Lenin 150. Eds. Hjalmar Jorge Joffre-Eichhorn and Patrick Anderson. Hamburg: Kickass Books, 2020, pp. 79-88. More information here.

2019 ‘Xi Jinping’s China: Keeping the Imagination Alive Under Socialism in Power’. Socialist Imaginations: Utopias, Myths, and the Masses. Eds. Stefan Arvidsson, Jakub Beneš and Anja Kirsch. London: Routledge, pp. 244-64. Book details may be found here, and an unformatted archive version here.

2019 ‘The State and Minority Nationalities (Ethnic Groups) in China’. In The Palgrave Handbook of Ethnicity. Ed. Steven Ratuva. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan (Springer), pp. 93-107. Book details may be found here, and an unformatted archive version here.

2019 ‘Multiculturalism in a Multinational State: The Case of China’. Multiculturalism and the Need for Recognition & The Border: World Configurations of the 21st Century. Eds. Anamaria Fălăuş and Ligia Tomoiagă. Bucureşti: Eikon, 75-99. Download here.

2017 ‘社会主义 矛盾论新探’. (A New Probe Into the Theory of Socialist Contradictions). 启蒙、历史观与马克思主义辩证法 (Enlightenment, Historical View and Marxist Dialectics). Guizhou: Guizhou renmin chubanshe, pp. 140-56. Download Chinese version here, and English translation here.

2017 ‘马克思主义中的一股“暖流”’. (A “Warm Current” in the Midst of Marxism). 启蒙、历史观与马克思主义辩证法 (Enlightenment, Historical View and Marxist Dialectics). Guizhou: Guizhou renmin chubanshe, pp. 16-27. Download Chinese version here, and English translation here.

2013 ‘The Privatization of Eschatology and Myth: Ernst Bloch Versus Rudolf Bultmann’. The Privatization of Hope: Ernst Bloch and the Future of Utopia. Eds. Peter Thompson and Slavoj Žižek. SIC series. Durham: Duke University Press, pp. 106-20. Download here.

Journal Articles

2021. ‘Socialism and the Market: Returning to the East European Debates’. New Political Economy. Online pre-publication eprint. DOI: 10.1080/13563467.2021.1926958. Preliminary copies may be downloaded here.

2021. ‘Not Some Other -ism’ – On Some Western Marxist Misrepresentations of Chinese Socialism’. Co-authored with Yan Ping. International Critical Thought 11.2: 171-189. More information here.

2021. ‘The Leadership of the Communist Party of China’. Australian Marxist Review 71: 3-6. Online here, download here.

2020. ‘Seeking a Xiaokang Society: Deng Xiaoping and the Reinterpretation of the Confucian Tradition in Chinese Marxism’. Berlin Journal of Critical Theory 4.1: 181-200. Download here.

2020. ‘全面建成小康社会的观念资源与现实探索’ (The Conceptual Resources and Realistic Exploration of Building a Moderately Well-off Society in All Respects). 当代中国价值观研究 (Chinese Journal of Contemporary Values) 2020.01: 5-14. Co-authored with Zang Fengyu. Download Chinese version here, and unformatted Chinese-English bilingual version here.

2020 ‘Domenico Losurdo in China: An Insight Into the State of Marxist Education and the CPC’. Socialism and Democracy 34.1. More information here.

2020 ‘从伯尔尼到延安:列宁和毛泽东的理论突破’ (From Berne to Yan’an: Lenin and Mao Zedong’s Theoretical Breakthroughs). 中国延安干部学院学报 (Journal of China Executive Leadership Academy) 13.3: 35-43 + 85. Download Chinese here. Pre-publication as ‘From Berne to Yan’an: The Theoretical Breakthroughs of Lenin and Mao’. Crisis and Critique 4.2: 60-84. Download English here.

2019 ‘人类命运共同体的理论内涵与现实价值’ (The Theoretical Meaning and Real Value of the Community of Common Destiny for Humankind). Co-authored with Zang Fengyu. 中央社会主义学院学报 (Journal of the Central Institute of Socialism) 2019.4: 9-17. Download Chinese version here.

2019 ‘Marx’s Ambivalence: State, Proletarian Dictatorship and Commune’. International Critical Thought 9.1: 109-27. Journal information here, and unformatted archive version available here.

2019 ‘The Christian State’. Bloomsbury Companion to Marx. Eds. Jeff Diamanti, Andrew Pendakis and Imre Szeman. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 107-19. Download here.

2018 ‘世界各主要国家和地区研究报告:澳大利亚’ (Research Reports from Major Countries and Regions of the World). 国外马克思主义研究报告 (Foreign Marxism Research Report), 2018: 128-43. Chinese version here.

2018 ‘Is a Socialist Civil Society Possible?’ Berlin Journal of Critical Theory 2.1: 61-82. Download here.

2018 ‘Civil Society or Bourgeois Society? An Alternative History, from Hegel to Losurdo’. Berlin Journal of Critical Theory 2.4: 5-32 Download here.

2018 ‘Blochs “Ungleichzeitigkeit” und die Widersprüche des chinesischen Sozialismus’. Das Argument: Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaften 325: 54-64. Download here.

2017 ‘Reconsidering Debt Remission in Light of the Ancient World’. Continental Thought and Theory 1.2: 293-305. Download here.

2017 ‘马克思主义“暖流”与中国化马克思主义’ (Marxism’s ‘Warm Stream’ Within Chinese Marxism). 社会科学季刊 (Social Sciences Quarterly) 2017.3: 22-31. Chinese version here, and English version here.

2017 ‘After October: Towards a Theory of the Socialist State’. International Critical Thought 7.3: 309-26. Download here.

2016 ‘Marxism, Religion and the Taiping Revolution’. Historical Materialism 24.2: 3-24. Download here.

2016 ‘From Affirmative Action to Anti-Colonialism: Stalin and the Prehistory of Postcolonialism’. Culture, Society and Praxis 9.1: 1-10. Online version available here, and download here.

2016 ‘Concerning the “Warm Stream” within Marxism’. International Critical Thought 6.1: 13-28. Download here.

2015 ‘Between Vulgar and Ruptural Dialectics: Reassessing Lenin on Hegel’. International Critical Thought 5.1: 52-66. Download here.

2015 ‘Against Culturism: Reconsidering Stalin on Nation and Class’. The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review 42: 247-73. Download here.

2014 ‘Socialist Democracy with Chinese Characteristics’. Crisis and Critique 1.1: 47-65. Download here.

2014 ‘Lenin on Tolstoy: Between Imaginary Resolution and Revolutionary Communism’. Science and Society 78.1: 41-60. Download here.

2013 ‘Revolution in the Event: The Problem of Kairós’. Theory, Culture and Society 30.2: 116-34. Download here.

2013 ‘A Totality of Ruins: Adorno on Kierkegaard’. Cultural Critique 83 (Winter): 1-30. Download here.

2012 ‘走向无伦理学反叛’, 马克思与现实 (Marxism and Reality) 2015.1: 131-38. English version published as ‘Towards Unethical Insurgency’. Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture & Society 25.1: 38-51. Download English here, and Chinese here.

2011 ‘Kapitalfetisch: “The Religion of Everyday Life”’. International Critical Thought 1.4: 416-26. Download here.

2010 ‘That Hideous Pagan Idol: Marx, Fetishism and Graven Images’. Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory 38:1 (93): 93-116. Download here.

Some Earlier Publications

These were published as a result of research into the curious side-stream known as ‘Western Marxism’

2007-2019 The Criticism of Heaven an Earth (Plus). 6 volumes. Leiden and Chicago: E.J. Brill and Haymarket (2264 pages). Winner of the 2014 Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Prize. More information here.

2019 尘世的批判. Chinese translation of Criticism of Earth, by Chen Ying. Beijing: Renmin University Press. Download here.

And three books on Marxist economics of the ancient world

For more information, click, here, here and here.