School of Marxism at Dalian University of Technology


My intellectual home is the School of Marxism, at Dalian University of Technology, which is in the beautiful and historic port city of Dalian in northeastern China. This page will gradually collect items that are relevant for DUT’s School of Marxism, which is a ‘key research centre’ for Marxism in China.

For those who may not be aware, Marxism is a major discipline in its own right in China, and is seen as the over-arching intellectual discipline for all other disciplines. This means that a School of Marxism is in many ways the nerve centre of a university. As a discipline, Marxism has six subdisciplines that are the subject of research and teaching: Basic Principles of Marxism; History and Development of Marxism; Sinification of Marxism; International Marxism; Theoretical and Political Education; Basic Studies of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History.

If you wish to find out more about DUT’s School of Marxism, you can go to the Chinese website here, and a more basic page in English here.

In what follows, I add links to files that relate to DUT’s School of Marxism, as well as papers and lectures I have given under the auspices of the School.

Marx outside School of Marxism
  • 2021: ‘Successful Opening Ceremony of the Cloud International Academic Symposium of the School of Marxism, Dalian University of Technology’. This is an English translation of the all-important report of a conference held on 29-31 October, 2021. The theme of the conference was ‘ New Forms of Human Civilization from a World Perspective’ and it included more than fifty scholars from 12 countries and regions of the world. Clearly, Marxism is of increasing interest around the world and more and more people are seeking to engage constructively and in-depth with Chinese Marxist scholars. You can download a copy of the English translation of the report below.
  • 2021: ‘What Is the “International System Based on International Law”‘?This is the text of a paper I gave at the international conference at DUT’s School of Marxism, with the theme of ‘New Forms of Human Civilisation from a World Perspective’. Download here.
  • 2021: ‘The Global Significance of China’s Path to Socialist Modernisation’. This is the text of a paper I delivered at the 2021 World Congress on Marxism, organised by Peking University’s School of Marxism in July. You can download the text here, and a slide presentation here.
  • 2021: ‘Poverty Alleviation as a Manifestation of (Chinese) Marxist Human Rights’. A brief set of slides that I used in the webinar, ‘China’s Path to Zero Poverty’, organised by Friends of Socialist China (here), and the Geopolitical Economy Research Group. You can download the slides here.
  • 2019: ‘Domenico Losurdo in China’. A seminar series I gave at DUT in late 2019, after being asked to discuss a leading European Marxist. Domenico Losurdo was the obvious choice. The seminar series became the basis of an article entitled ‘Losurdo in China’ and has been published by the journal Socialism and Democracy (here). You may also view the bilingual slide presentations I prepared and used: Seminar 1 (here); Seminar 2 (here); Seminar 3 (here). As you will see, our focus was on two books by Losurdo that have been translated into Chinese: Liberalism: A Counter-History and Hegel and the Freedom of the Moderns.
  • 2019: ‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is Socialism and not some other -ism’. This is the topic of my inaugural lecture at DUT from September 2019, which became the basis for a journal article. I provide here a pdf version of the slide presentation I gave at the lecture (download here). You may also find an English report on the lecture here.
  • 2019: ‘Utopia, Destiny and Community: Thoughts on Translating Some Marxist Terms’. This was a presentation I delivered in April of 2019. It was my first visit to Dalian, and I had been looking forward to it for quite some time. Why? The place has a fascinating and complex history, having been initially a Russian port, then occupied by the Japanese, and finally returning to Chinese hands in 1945. The reason should be obvious, since it is a vitally strategic location. In Dalian I found I could breathe, literally since the sea air is so good, and intellectually since it is a School of Marxism Studies. I have attached the lecture text here, and the PPT here. This visit turned out to be a 缘分 moment, since it became clear that my initial connection, visit, and then living there had in some way been inevitable.

Finally, here is the iconic statue of Mao Zedong, which is directly outside the School of Marxism Studies at DUT.