DPRK (North Korea)

(Korean Workers Party 75th anniversary – 2020)

This page contains links to a number of articles concerning the DPRK, which I have visited on two occasions. The second occasion was an in-depth study tour, where I learnt much more about the DPRK.

  • ‘An Effort to Understand the DPRK in Light of the Marxist Tradition” (2018) – download here.
  • ‘Origins of the DPRK: From Division to Reunification’ (2016) – download here.
  • ‘Sanctions – What Sanctions?’ (2018) – download here.
  • ‘Pyongyang – A New Socialist City’ (2019) – download here.
  • ‘Brazen American Imperialist Aggressors: Seeing the World from the DPRK’ (2015) – download here.
  • ‘United States War Crimes in Korea’ (2017) – download here.