DPRK (North Korea)

(Korean Workers Party 75th anniversary – 2020)

This page contains links to a number of articles concerning the DPRK, which I have visited on two occasions. The second occasion was an in-depth study tour, where I learnt much more about the DPRK and the Workers’ Party of Korea. It is a part of the world I wish to visit on many more occasions.

As for information and resources, the best website is Naenara (here), which has all of the available news sources, plenty of books that may be downloaded, and much more.

For video material, you may wish to have a look at the Paektusan Revolutionary Army channel (here). Note that this is a Youtube channel, which is available in an ever-shrinking number of countries as the West becomes isolated from the rest of the world.

Below are a number of items I write after my two visits. They have their limits, since I have undertaken a reasonable amount of research since those times.

  • ‘An Effort to Understand the DPRK in Light of the Marxist Tradition” (2018) – download here.
  • ‘Origins of the DPRK: From Division to Reunification’ (2016) – download here.
  • ‘Sanctions – What Sanctions?’ (2018) – download here.
  • ‘Pyongyang – A New Socialist City’ (2019) – download here.
  • ‘Brazen American Imperialist Aggressors: Seeing the World from the DPRK’ (2015) – download here.
  • ‘United States War Crimes in Korea’ (2017) – download here.